On the fourth Thursday in ____, Americans ____ Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving, people ____ thanks for the harvest that will ____ them through the next year. Thanksgiving is also celebrated in Canada in ____. The symbol of Thanksgiving is a cornucopia, which is a ____ filled with food. On Thanksgiving, people get ____ with family. They get together with parents and ____. They get together with aunts and ____. They get together with nieces and ____. With so many people traveling to ____ relatives, roads and ____ can be busy. On Thanksgiving, many families celebrate by having a ____. Some typical Thanksgiving foods include ____ on the cob, mashed ____ and gravy, and ____ turkey. People also have ____ pie for dessert. In some cities, there are Thanksgiving ____ in which ____ playing music, decorated floats, and helium filled ____ travel down the ____. Spectators line the streets and ____ the parade travel by.

Thanksgiving Cloze


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