1) This film is really _______! There is a lot of action and explosions! a) exciting b) funny c) dangerous 2) I don't think that cartoons are interesting. I don't like them. In my opinion, they are... a) fun b) boring c) amazing 3) My mother says that snowboarding is ______ because my brother broke his leg doing it. a) funny b) exciting c) dangerous 4) I like reading books, so my favourite school subject is... a) PE b) Arts c) Literature 5) My favourite school subject is ____ because I love computers. a) ICT b) English c) Drama 6) I study about theater and I act too in my .... classes. a) Maths b) drama c) PE 7) I'm good at .... . Learning about mountains, rivers and forests is fun. a) maths b) geography c) history 8) Mike .... every weekend. He's very good at this sport. a) goes surfing b) is going surfing c) go surfing 9) _____ tickets would you like? - I'd like 2 tickets, please. a) How much b) How many c) How often 10) _____ are the tickets? - They're £10 each. a) How much b) How many c) How often 11) I'm tall and I can move fast, so I'm good ____ basketball. a) in b) on c) at 12) Charles ______ a volleyball match now. a) watch b) watches c) is watching d) watching e) are watching 13) Emilly ______ tired after her PE classes. a) sometimes is b) is sometimes c) has sometimes d) sometimes has 14) How old ________ a) your cousin is? b) does you cousin have? c) is your cousin? d) has your cousin? 15) __________ have for breakfast? - Bread and milk. a) What do you usually b) Where do you usually c) How often do you usually 16) _____ a museum near here? - Yes, there is. a) There is b) Have c) Has d) Is there 17) _____ play the guitar well? - No, I can't. a) You can b) Do you c) Can you d) You




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