Destination - A place where someone or something is going, Journey - an act of travelling from one place to another, Itinerary - A planned route or journey or travel document recording a route or journey, Availability - the fact or quality of having something that is ready for use or for purchase, Contingency Plan - A back up in case something goes wrong, Voyage - A course of travel or passage, especially a long journey by water to a distant place, Expedition - A journey for a specific purpose such as to explore a distant place or to do research, Confirmation - Proof or evidence of something, Honeymoon - A holiday/vacation/trip taken by newlyweds after their wedding to celebrate their marriage, Bucket List - A series of experiences that a person hopes to achieve before they die, Remote - Situated far from the main centres/centers of population; distant., Sustainability - The ability to maintain or support a process continuously over time, Immersive - Characterized by deep absorption or experience in something, Customised - Something made to suit a particular individual ,

I1-I2 Travel-Related Vocabulary - Anagram


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