Tradition - Customs or beliefs passed down through generations., Customs - Accepted behaviors within a society., Heritage - Cultural inheritance from ancestors., Diversity - Variety within a community., Values - Important principles or standards., Beliefs - Personal or group convictions., Artifacts - Objects with historical significance., Festivals - Celebrations of cultural events., Rituals - Traditional ceremonies or practices., Cuisine - Style of cooking associated with culture., Etiquette - Socially acceptable behavior., Identity - Individual or group self-conception., Folklore - Traditional stories or legends., Celebrations - Events marking special occasions., Ceremonies - Formal events with symbolic actions., Cultural exchange - Sharing of cultural elements., Norms - Socially expected behaviors., History - Study of past events., Multiculturalism - Coexistence of diverse cultures., Cultural awareness - Understanding of different cultural perspectives.,

B3-B4 - Culture Vocabulary - Anagram


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