1) I ____ my wife while I was at university. a) meet b) met c) meeted 2) Is that dress new? ____ it today? a) Do you buy b) Did you bought c) Did you buy 3) I didn’t see you at the party. ____ there?  a) Did you be b) You were c) Were you 4) We went fishing at the weekend but we ____ anything a) don’t catch b) didn’t catch c) didn’t caught 5) What a surprise! We ____ you were away a) think b) thinked c) thought 6) I ____ like vegetables when I was a child but I love them now. a) used to b) didn’t use to c) didn’t used to 7) Billy ____ to that school. a) used to go b) used to went c) use to went 8) ‘Did Mauricio use to have a beard and long hair?’ ‘Yes, he ____.’ a) used b) did use c) did 9) Last night we ____ fish and chips for dinner a) eat b) ate c) used to eat 10) I ____ Juan was Spanish, but in fact he’s Peruvian. a) used to thought b) used to think c) didn’t use to think 11) We were at home at 7 p.m. last night. We ____ dinner. a) were having b) had c) used to have 12) ‘Your teeth are so straight!’ ‘Well, I ____ braces when I was a teenager.’ a) was having b) used to have c) always had 13) Samira used to have piano lessons ____. a) last Wednesday b) on Wednesday c) on Wednesdays 14) While you ____ your friends, I was studying for my exams. a) are visiting b) were visiting c) used to visiting 15) When I ____ them for the first time, they were living in a lovely house near the sea. a) was meeting b) used to meet c) met 16) ‘What were you doing when it started to snow?’ ‘I ____ home.’ a) walked b) used to walk c) was walking 17) 7 I’m sorry, I ____ you when you arrived because I was playing on my computer upstairs. a) didn’t hear b) don’t hear c) wasn’t hearing 18) Is that you in this photograph? What ____? Were you going to a fancy-dress party? a) did you wear b) were you wearing c) did you use to wear 19) When they ____ at the hotel, they went for swim. a) were arriving b) did arrive c) arrived 20) It was a beautiful night and the Moon ____ brightly, when suddenly they saw a very bright light. a) shone b) shined c) was shining




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