Urban - A place with lots of people, buildings, and businesses., Skyscraper - A very tall building in a city for living or working., Traffic - Cars and people moving on roads or streets., Commute - Going back and forth to work or school every day., Apartment - A home you rent in a big building in a city., Diversity - Many different kinds of people and things together., Noise - Loud sounds that can bother you., Crowded - When there are too many people or things in one place., Public transportation - Buses, trains, or subways for everyone to use., Streetlights - Lights on poles or buildings to light up streets at night., Neighborhood - A smaller area within a city with its own feel., Culture - The customs, arts, and social habits of a group of people., Park - A big area with grass, trees, and benches for people to relax., Downtown - The busiest part of a city with lots of shops and offices., Cafes - Places where you can buy drinks and light meals., High-rise - A very tall building with many floors for living or working., Entertainment - Fun things to do or watch for enjoyment., Pollution - Dirty air, water, or land caused by humans., Pedestrian - Someone who walks instead of drives., Conveniences - Services and shops that make life easier in a city.,

B3-B4 - Cities Vocabulary - Anagram


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