Invitation - A request to come to an event., Venue - The place where an event happens., Date - The day an event happens., Time - When an event starts or happens., Guest list - A list of people invited., Theme - The main idea of an event., Dress code - How guests should dress., Catering - Food and drink for an event., Entertainment - Fun activities or shows for guests., RSVP - Asking guests to say if they will come., Decorations - Things that make the place look nice., Agenda - A plan of what will happen., Transportation - How people get to and from the event., Accommodations - Places to stay near the event., Budget - How much money you can spend., Playlist - A list of songs to play., Activities - Things to do at the event., Refreshments - Drinks and small snacks., Souvenirs - Small gifts for guests to remember the event., Follow-up - Contacting guests after the event to say thanks or share photos.,

B3-B4 - Vocabulary about plans - Anagram


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