1) We live near the ____ because we have a boat. a) settler b) harbour  c) park 2) My aunt and uncle live ____ with a backyard. My cousins can play football there.My aunt and uncle live a) in a house b) in a flat c) on a boat 3) The fireworks on New Year’s Eve were ____. a) celebrated b) spectacular c) invaded 4) ‘When did the Spanish ____ Mexico?’ ‘I think it was in 1519.’ a) arrive b) harbour c) conquer 5) In the holidays, Fernanda wants to ____ some time learning how to cook. a) spend b) stay c) have 6) Please can you help me to ____ a cake at the weekend? a) take b) do c) make 7) My brother ____ swimming every day a) makes b) spends c) goes 8) You look very tired. Why don’t you ____ a break! a) do b) take c) give 9) Let’s ____ a barbecue at the weekend if the weather is nice. a) do b) have c) make 10) There were lots of colourful ____ at my little sister’s birthday party. a) balloons b) confetti c) sparkler 11) Did you ____ together with Pete and Sam at the weekend? a) be b) hang c) get 12) We ____ round to my cousins’ house to watch the game. It was brilliant. a) stayed b) took c) went 13) Gina was too tired to go out last night. She stayed ____ and watched TV. a) on b) in c) back 14) We want to take my granny ____ on holiday next month. a) away b) off c) out 15) Thanks for inviting me to your party. I ____ a great time. a) did b) had c) made 16) Don’t be late. Remember it starts at six ____. a) hard b) sharp c) dot 17) Can I use your ____ to make a call, please? I can’t find my mobile phone. a) landline b) snail mail c) contact 18) Don’t ____ ‘Send’ yet. Read your email again and check that it’s OK. a) tick b) net c) click 19) My mum uses email to stay ____ touch with her friends, but I use social media. a) on b) in c) at 20) We don’t write letters or use snail mail any more with all the digital ____ around us. a) technology b) techniques c) contact

Teen Explorer 7 Unit 3 (Vocabulary Quiz)




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