Charismatic - Very charming or interesting., Empathetic - Understanding and caring about others’ feelings., Intelligent - Smart or clever., Reliable - Someone you can trust and depend on., Courageous - Brave or not afraid., Optimistic - Always thinking good things will happen., Supportive - Giving help and encouragement., Genuine - Real or true, not fake., Adventurous - Likes trying new and exciting things., Sociable - Enjoys being with other people., Reserved - Keeps thoughts and feelings private., Ambitious - Wants to succeed and achieve goals., Easygoing - Relaxed and doesn’t worry too much., Enthusiastic - Shows a lot of excitement and interest., Assertive - Confident and speaks up for themselves., Eccentric - A bit unusual or different from others., Spirited - Full of energy and enthusiasm., Considerate - Cares about others' feelings and needs., Determined - Doesn't give up easily, keeps trying., Creative - Good at thinking of new and original ideas.,

B4 - Describing Personality - Anagram


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