1) When I arrived at the cinema, the film ___________ a) have started b) had started c) had start 2) She _________ in China before she went to Thailand. a) has lived b) had lives c) had lived 3) After they __________ the shellfish, they began to feel sick. a) had eaten b) had ate c) had eat 4) Julie didn't arrive until after I__________ a) have leave b) had lefted c) had left 5) When we__________ dinner, we went out. a) has finished b) had finishes c) had finished 6) He__________her somewhere before. a) had met b) had meeted c) had meet 7) We were late for the plane because we_________our passports. a) had forget b) had forgotten c) had forgot 8) They________so we went to a restaurant. a) hadn't eaten b) haven't eaten c) hadn't ate 9) The children_________their homework, so they were in trouble. a) hadn't do b) hadn't did c) hadn't done 10) He_________email before, so I showed him how to use it. a) hadn't uses b) hadn't used c) hadn't use 11) You ________ English before you moved to London a) had studyed b) had study c) had studied 12) I _______ asleep before eight o'clock. a) had fell b) had fallen c) have fallen 13) The usher asked if we had purchased our tickets. a) had purchase b) has purchased c) have purchase d) had purchased 14) They had gotten engaged before last year. a) have gotten b) had got c) had gotten 15) Had Walter updated the software before he switched off the computer? a) Had.....update b) Had.....updates c) Have.....updated d) Has.....updated e) Had.....updated




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