1) The council __________ have made a decision by now. I wonder what is taking them so long? a) have to b) would c) should d) could 2) The mess in the playground is just the tip of the iceberg. We __________ organise a litter pick up. Someone has to! a) might b) has to c) ought to d) can 3) This area has a real sense of community and has a lot going for it. We __________ try and get their support with this problem. a) could b) mustn't c) don't have to d) had to 4) That music is such a nuisance. Who __________ call the noise complaints department for us? a) can b) might c) may d) ought to 5) You __________ arrive till 9am. There's nothing to do there before the school meeting starts. a) has to b) must c) needn't d) can't 6) Children under 12 __________ be accompanied by an adult at the charity run. It's a rule! a) ought to b) must c) would d) mustn't 7) The report was a real wake-up call. We __________ accept such high levels of air pollution in the city. It's far too unhealthy! a) couldn't b) mustn't c) ought to d) don't has to 8) The council __________ do something about homelessness in the city centre. It's got a lot worse in the last year. a) can b) would c) needs to d) mustn't 9) Unfortunately, they __________ raise enough money to redecorate the youth centre. a) wouldn't b) mustn't c) shouldn't d) couldn't 10) We __________ accept so much anti-social behaviour in our community. Enough is enough. a) must b) had to c) can't d) shouldn't 11) __________ you like to come with me to the tenants association meeting? a) Could b) May c) Should d) Would 12) The Police Community Support Officer __________ be here tomorrow to talk to the kids. a) will b) mustn't c) can d) couldn't 13) __________ I speak to the person in charge? It's unreasonable that law abiding citizens should be treated this way. a) Must b) May c) Would d) Need 14) We __________ be able to turn things round if we can only get some more funding. a) can b) couldn't c) might d) have to 15) He's late. He __________ been delayed. I bet the traffic is to blame! a) must have b) should have c) could have d) must

Community Problems and Solutions Modals Quiz





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