1) A type of environmental hazard .. a) blood b) vomit c) saliva d) broken furniture e) hot room f) loud noises 2) Covid 19 is an example of of which hazard? a) environmental b) chemical c) biological d) musculoskeletal e) working conditions f) working practcies 3) Medicines and cleaning materials are both types of .... a) biological hazard b) chemical hazard c) environmental hazard d) working conditions e) working practices f) lack of security systems 4) An example of a psychological hazard is... a) medicines b) radiation c) heavy weights d) stress and fatigue e) lack of supervision f) broken locks 5) Excessive noise such as building work outside an office or a very hot, stuffy office is an example of a a) working practice hazard b) working conditions hazard c) physical hazard d) physical hazard e) environmental hazard 6) Moving a patient from a bed to a chair may create a a) environmental hazard b) working conditions hazard c) working practices hazard d) physical hazard e) musculoskeletal hazard 7) An example of a working practices hazard is a) broken window locks b) lack of supervision c) long distances to travel d) radiation 8) If a reception area in a primary school is left unmanned it could cause which type of hazard? a) environmental b) working conditions c) working practices d) security system e) physical




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