1) Living things that are too small to be seen without a microscope a) antibiotics b) microorganisms c) vaccines 2) Where are microorganisms found? a) in the air b) in the water c) in the soil d) all of the above 3) Which is one way that microorganisms can be harmful a) helping with digestion in your gut b) causing a red tide c) killing bacteria d) making oxygen 4) Which microorganism releases oxygen into the air a) algae b) fungi c) virus d) bacteria 5) Bread mold and Mushrooms are all types of a) bacteria b) fungus c) virus 6) Used to treat illness caused by bacteria. (Example = penicillin) a) fungus b) antibiotics c) vaccinations 7) Bacteria found in raw meat and eggs can make you very sick. How can you keep this from happening? a) Make sure that you wash your hands b) cook the food well c) do not eat food that is not organically grown 8) The largest group of microorganisms is a) fungus b) bacteria c) algae d) virus 9) plantlike living things that release oxygen into the air a) bacteria b) fungus c) algae d) virus 10) Used to make certain foods such as yogurt a) fungus b) bacteria c) virus d) algae 11) Microorganisms that can only live if they are on or in another organism a) fungus b) virus c) algae 12) Which is an example of a way that microorganisms are beneficial? a) helping with digestion in your gut b) causing disease c) athletes foot fungus 13) How can microorganisms enter the body a) through open cut or wound b) inhaled into the lungs c) through the eyes, nose, or mouth d) all of the above 14) Causes disease such as colds, flu, and chickenpox a) bacteria b) virus c) algae d) protozoa 15) Bread mold is a type of _______________ that can make food spoil a) bacteria b) virus c) fungus d) algae 16) _________________ cause diseases in plants and infections such as Athletes' Foot and ringworm a) bacteria b) algae c) fungus 17) ______________________ cause malaria which is carried by mosquitoes a) algae b) protozoa c) fungus d) virus 18) _____________ can produce a red tide in lakes or oceans which can kill fish and make people sick a) algae b) protozoa c) fungus d) virus 19) Some scientists do not classify viruses as "living things". Why? a) Because they make people sick b) because they are microscopic and tiny c) because they can only live when they are on another living organisms 20) _________________ cause diseases like strep throat a) bacteria b) fungus c) protozoa d) algae 21) medicines that cure diseases caused by bacteria and sometimes protozoa a) fungus b) antibiotic c) vaccines d) virus 22) Which is the largest group of microorganisms? a) fungi b) algae c) bacteria d) antibiotics 23) Which microorganism turns milk into cheese? a) bacteria b) algae c) fungi d) antibiotics 24) Which is used to make bread dough rise? a) penicillin b) yeast c) mushrooms d) algae 25) Which statement is NOT true? a) Microorganisms only live in the soil b) microorganisms live in our gut and help digest food c) some microorganisms can make you very sick d) All viruses are bad for you 26) Lives in rivers, lakes, and oceans and releases oxygen into the air a) fungus b) algae c) bacteria d) penicillin 27) Fungi is a group of microorganisms that include mushrooms and bread mold, and ringworm and athlete's foot a) algae b) bacteria c) fungus d) penicillin 28) Given by shot, this teaches your body to resist a virus, so you can stay well. a) penicillin b) vaccine c) antibiotic d) influenza 29) A single celled organism a) penicillin b) living thing that is very tiny c) unicellular d) multicellular 30) Penicillin is an example of a) antibiotic b) microorganisms c) staph infection d) influenza 31) another word for "living thing". a) e.Coli b) virus c) unicellular d) organism 32) Microbes that cause disease a) germs b) unicellular c) beneficial bacteria d) digestion

Microorganisms Test Review


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