Where they went wrong was not estimating the size of the crowd very well., The only way to make things better is to have a positive outlook., It's my boss you want to speak to, not me., The place you need to be is next door, in room 57., The way you can make your work easier is by attaching your computer to two monitors., It's the people who don't follow the health guidelines that put the other people at risk., The reason why the instructions are downloadable is so that we can update them easily., Where I would really like to live is on a tropical island., The thing that makes our teacher really sad is when we don't do our homework., If we can get together during the holidays is the real question., The thing that can really help is having regular team meetings., What I really miss about my country are the family gatherings., Who really need to get vaccinated are the people with health problems., What makes the logistics impossible are the limited timetables., How to restructure the economy is the government's primary concern.,


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