1) I like books. I often___________ (read) books. a) reads b) am reading c) read 2) I ______________ (make) a cake for my friends now. a) is making b) make c) am making 3) I never ____________ (watch) TV after 10 o'clock. a) are watching b) watch c) watches 4) We ____________(go) shopping this afternoon. a) go b) going c) are going 5) She usually ______________ (wear) a coat and gloves in winter. a) wears b) is wearing c) wear 6) Look. She ____________ (take) a photo of the pyramids. a) paints b) is taking c) are painting 7) Bob _____________(have) a guitar lesson on Tuesdays. a) haves b) has c) is having 8) ________ you _______ (make) dinner tonight? a) is make b) are making c) do make 9) _________ Mel _________ (go) on holiday every summer? a) is going b) are going c) does go 10) I ____________ (not study) tonight. a) don't study b) am not studying c) am studying 11) Cathy and I ___________ (not visit) our grandparents at the weekends. a) don't visit b) aren't visiting c) doesn't visit 12) Rabbits ___________ (not eat) meat. a) aren't eating b) doesn't eat c) don't eat 13) What _________you normally _________ (eat) for breakfast? a) does eats b) are eating c) do eat

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