Do you usually remember your dreams? Tell about a recent dream you remember., Do you think that animals dream? Why or why not?, How many hours a night do you usually sleep? Would you like to get more sleep or less?, Do you ever take naps? If so, when?, Are you a light sleeper or can you sleep on airplanes, trains, and buses?, Do you prefer to go to sleep late or wake up early?, Have you ever known anyone who walked in their sleep? If so, tell about it., Have you ever experienced insomnia? What can you do to treat insomnia? What do you think causes it?, Describe a nightmare that you remember from childhood., Have you had dreams in other languages? How often do you dream in English? Would you like to?, Have you ever had the same dream more than once?, Have you ever had a dream that later came true? Why do you think this might happen?, Have you ever slept outside for an entire night? If so, tell about the experience., Do you believe that dreams can help us solve our problems? Do you try to understand the meanings of your dreams?.


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