Bitter - Food that has a sharp taste or smell, not sweet, Bland - Food that doesn't have a strong taste of flavour, Crispy - Food that has a dry, and brittle surface or texture., Creamy - Resembling cream in texture or colour, Chewy - Food that needs to be chewed for a long time, Crumbly - Food that has a texture that falls apart easily, Fresh - Food that is recently prepared or picked, Fruity - Food or drink that resembles or tastes like fruit, Fried - Food that is cooked in hot oil or fat, Gooey - Food that is soft and sticky, Heavy - Food that rich and feals heavy in your stomach, Juicy - Food that has a lot of juice, Mild - Food that isn't hot or strong, Mushy - Food that is soft and pulpy, Plain - Food that is simple, Spicy - Food that is flavoured with chilli, Tough - Meat that is difficult to chew, Tender - Meat that is soft and easy to chew, Unripe/Ripe - Food that isn't/is ready to eat, Edible/Inedible - Food that can/can't be eaten,


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