What is the most important festival or celebration in your city or country?, Are there any festivals at this time of year? How do people usually celebrate it?, How do people usually mark the New Year? Do you usually do those things?, What was the last festival you went to? Did you enjoy it? Why/ Why not?, When did you last meet up with your extended family? Was there any special reason for this meeting? What did you all do?, Are birthdays important times in your culture? What does your family tend to do to celebrate?, What type of festival would you like to attend in Melbourne? Do you know much about local events?, What did you do for your last birthday? How does that compare to other birthdays you have had in the past?, Are you planning on celebrating anything special this year? (Tell us about it/ Why not?), When will your whole family next meet up? What will you all do together?, Why do you think people have a desire to celebrate?, What role does religion play in your countries celebrations?, Is giving and receiving gifts important to you? Why/Why not?, Why is music important/not necessary for you when celebrating?, Which festival around the world would you like to visit?, Have you ever been to a festival or celebration outside your home country?, Can you think of any festivals that have started because of commercial reasons?, Who do you tend to celebrate your birthdays with?, Who do you usually celebrate Christmas with?, Do you think the original reason for Easter/Christmas has become forgotten?.

FCE I3-I4 Unit 1B Celebration Questions


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