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1) Sign language is a form of a) Unaided communication b) Faided communication c) Aided communication 2) What is Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)? a) A techique to support spoken communication b) A television program c) A telephone conversation 3) How can you support someone who uses Augmentative and Alternative Communication? a) Crank the volume up b) Lie and pretend you understood every word c) Reduce background noise 4) What must you not do when you are supporting someone using Augmentative and Alternative Communication? a) Face the person you are talking to b) Tell the individual to hurry up when they are speaking c) Ask what helps 5) How does alternative ways of communicating benefit indiffiduals who have problems with spoken language? a) It enables them to get to sleep b) It lets them stay at home c) It allows them to express their feelings

OP 1.5 LO 3.3 Alternative forms of communication


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