abase - to humiliate; degrade, abdicate - renounce a throne or title, aberration - different rom what is normal or usual, abstain - to not particpate or vote, acolyte - a devoted follower, adversity - misfortune, difficluties, aesthetic - the look or beauty of something, amicable - friendly, agreeable, anachronistic - from an earlier time; out of place, apiary - a place where bees are kept, approbation - an expression of approval or praise, arid - having no or little rain, asylum - protection granted to a refugee., aural - pertaining to the ear, beguile - to deceive by cunning means, beige - a very light brown, benevolent - kindly and well meaning, bequeath - to give or pass on as an inheritance, bias - emotional prejudice or preferance, boisterous - rowdy, noisy, wild, bore - to weary by dullness, brazen - without shame, bold; made out of brass, brusque - off hand or abrupt in manner or speech, camaraderie - friendship & trust among a group, canny - having good judgment in money/business; shrewd, capacious - having a lot of space; comfortable, capitulate - surrendering to an opponent, capsize - to turn bottom side up, upset, chenille - velvety fabric made of silk, wool, or cotton, clairvoyant - to claim to have a supernatural ability, collaborate - working together to create something, colossus - person or thing of great size or importance, compassion - sympathetic pity for suffering of others, complacency - self-satisfaction, compromise - to make an agreement over a dispute, concede - to yield or submit, condescending - showing a feeling of superiority, conditional - dependant on the conditions, conformist - person who follows rules and blends in, confound - confuse,




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