1) What is Marzipan? a) The wooden turtle b) A seagull c) A ship 2) What do we learn about Billy at the end of the novel? a) He became a ship captain. b) He sailed around the world all his life.  c) He had kids and lived a long life. 3) What did Great Aunt Laura want the kids on the island to do? a) To keep the wooden turtle in the garden. b) To sit and ride the wooden turtle. c) To milk cows. 4) Who is the narrator at the beginning of the Epilogue? a) Dad b) Laura c) Michael 5) What did Billy teach us after his experience sailing abroad? a) Family relationships are always happy. b) The world is beautiful to explore. c) Home is better than all of the places that Billy saw during his trips abroad. 6) How would you describe most characters in the novel?  a) They were determined to carry on in difficult times and family was the most important thing for them.   b) They were very pessimistic.  c) They gave up easily in difficult times.  7) What is the theme of the novel? a) Make a possitive difference in the life of other people. b) There is always light at the end of the tunnel. You can only succeed if you try.  c) Live freely, courageously and and vitally 8) Where did Michael and Catherine put Zanzibar at the end of the novel?  a) At the park. b) In Billy's house.  c) On the beach. 9) How did Great Aunt Laura feel at the end of the novel? a) Sad because the children in Scilly were not happy.  b) Sorry because she never helped her family as much as she would have loved to.  c) Happy and thankful because Zanzibar brought back good luck and fortune to her family. 

The Wreck of the Zanzibar - END OF THE BOOK


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