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Shuts down entire company for one week in December and one week oer summer, Give employees an annual spend of $2m000 to travel and stay in specfic listings anywhere in the world, Provedes $4,000 in "Baby Cash" to employees with a newborn, Provides the surviving spouse or partner od a deceased employee 50% of their salery for the next 10 years, Offer 1 year paid maternity and patrnity leave to new parents, Offer 3 months parental leave, plus one month part time hours, Offers $1,200 a year reimbursment on student loans, (cloud computing company) - Recieve 6 paid days and $1,000 a year to donate to charity, 6 months parental leave and covers the cost of egg freezing and fertility assistance, Accupuncture and improv classes, Free entrance to theme parks, Every other Friday off for "Panda Fridays",

Perks of the job matching pairs

Created bydshearman

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