1) She (run) because she's late for her lesson a) runs b) run c) is running d) running 2) Our teacher always (give) us lots of homework a) gives b) give c) giving d) is giving 3) We (not want) to go to the concert a) aren't wanting b) don't want c) doesn't want d) not wanting 4) What time (you / meet) Pete today? a) are you meeting b) do you meet c) you meeting d) does you meet 5) I (not go to school) today. I'm on holiday! a) amn't going b) am not going c) don't go d) doesn't go 6) People (speak) English in Jamaica a) are speaking b) speaking c) spoke d) speak 7) Archie (not use) his computer at the moment a) isn't using b) doesn't use 8) (Tony / live) near the park? a) Is Tony living b) Do Tony live c) Does Tony living 9) Please, keep quiet! I (have) an online lesson! a) have b) having c) am having 10) Who you (talk) with? a) do you talk b) are you talking c) am you talking d) does you talk 11) Andy sometimes (read) comics a) is reading b) reads c) reading d) read 12) I (love) my family! a) am loving b) loving c) love d) loves 13) Listen! She (sing) in the bathroom! a) is singing b) singing c) sing d) sings 14) Cats (catch) mice a) catches b) catch c) are catching d) is catching 15) I (chat) with my friend at the moment a) is chatting b) am chating c) am chatting d) chat




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