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1) What day of the week will it be 100 days after Monday? a) Monday b) Tuesday c) Wednesday d) Sunday 2) Registered as a proprietary name in 1938, which hybrid citrus fruit was first produced in Jamaica by crossing a Seville orange, a grapefruit and a tangerine? a) Satsuma b) Orangutan fruit c) Ugli fruit d) Clementine 3) What links: an impure metal formed in the smelting of ores, a bright double star in the constellation Leo, and a Roman consul of the Punic wars, held as an example of a patriot who chose virtue over personal expediency? a) Cincinnatus b) Romulus c) Regulus d) Scipio 4) In the last 1000 years, which century saw the smallest number of reigning monarchs on the throne of England? a) 19th b) 13th c) 17th d) 18th 5) Before Iain Duncan Smith, who was the last Conservative leader not to fight a general election? a) Lord Douglas Home b) Austen Chamberlain c) Arthur Balfour d) Michael Howard 6) The Kannada “vee”, the Cyrillic capital “short ee”, the Japanese Katakana “wa” plus “ee” and the Greek “omega” all appear prominently on which organisation’s logo? a) Google b) Wikipedia c) Duolingo d) United Nations 7) What is the lowest positive integer number to contain the letter “c” when it is spelled out as a word in English? a) Octillion b) Decillion c) Undecillion d) Ceptillion 8) Yellow Mountain Fur Peak, Spring Snail, Big Red Robe, Dragon Well and Iron Goddess are among names that appear in Chinese lists of the 10 most notable varieties of what product? a) Rice b) Lychees c) Tea d) Moon cakes 9) “Wherever law ends, tyranny begins.” These words begin a proposition by which philosopher, in a work of 1689? a) John Stuart Mill b) John Locke c) Immanuel Kant d) Thomas Hobbes 10) Meaning “said once only”, what Greek term denotes a word that is recorded only once in a text, in the work of a particular author, or in a body of literature? a) Hapax legomenon b) Inter alia c) Homoioteleuton d) Homologic

University Challenge - hardest questions of 2016!

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