Dan ran with me to the shop., He got a chill from the fan., We will get a pan at the mall., Jill can nap on the bed with me., Does she want a bit of jam on the bun?, Sam has a bad rash on his leg., She is not as tall as Pam. , He has less ham in his box., Are you and Sam back from the mall yet?, I can be at the hut when the sun is up. , She will mix a can of hash into the pan., Do you want a pot or a pan for the ham?, Can you be at the mall at six? , Cam got the map as I got the bag., Pam and Sam are in the van with me. , Can we get a bun with jam?, Jan has a rag for the wet eall., He has the dish and the hot pan. , Pam ran to get the doll for me. , Sam and Gus are at the shop with me. , snowman, snowman, snowman, snowman, snowman.


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