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Birds singing, blue sky. Smoke begins to pour out of the volcano - Day 1 8 AM, Black smoke fills the air over Pompeii. Tiles start to fall from nearby roofs - Day 1 1PM, Thick smoke has almost blotted out the sun and the volcano above the town. Dust covers the roofs. Dogs are barking and whining. Plaster is falling from the buildings. - Day 1 3PM, Explosions have set fire to buildings. Many are partially destroyed. - Day 1 5 PM, The town is rubble, buildings are collapsing. No sign of life - Day 1 8 PM, Every building is destroyed. - Day 2 1 AM, Town is almost flattened. A wave of thick black smoke covers the town. - Day 2 6 PM, The town is buried under white ash. - Day 2 ...PM,

Pompeii - The erruption of Mount Vesuvius




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