1) The film __________ at 5 p.m. [Choose TWO correct options] a) is starting b) starts c) will start 2) I'm sure you __________ the lottery one day. a) will win b) are winning c) win 3) Look! That car over there __________. (There is present evidence) a) will crash b) is crashing c) is going to crash 4) According to my diary, we __________ the buyers at 7 p.m. tomorrow. a) meet b) will meet c) are meeting 5) A: Maria phoned you. B: OK. I _____ her back. a) am calling b) am going to call c) will call 6) Thanks for the money. I __________ you back on Friday. (Promise) a) will pay b) 'm paying c) 'm going to pay 7) We _____ married in July. [Choose two correct options] a) are getting b) get c) are going to get 8) A: Oh, no, it's broken! B: Don't worry I __________ you a new one. a) 'm buying b) 'll buy c) 'll be buying 9) We __________ into our new flat at the end of next week. [Choose the INCORRECT option] a) are going to move b) are moving c) move 10) __________ Jack to school today, please? (Request) a) Are you taking b) Will you take c) Are you going to take 11) Mario looks very pale and confused. He __________ a) is going to faint b) will faint c) is fainting 12) I __________ you again. a) ' m never going to trust b) 'm never trusting c) 'll never trust 13) Somebody is at the door. I _________ who it is. a) 'll be checking b) 'm going to check c) 'll check 14) We ________ at 9 tomorrow because the train _________ at 9:45. a) 're leaving - leaves b) 'll leave - is leaving c) 're leaving - will leave 15) A: I'll never pass the exam. B: Don't worry, I _________ you prepare it.  a) 'm going to help b) will help c) 'm helping

U5.1: Future Forms


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