1) How old are you? a) I'm fine, thanks! b) I old am seven. c) I'm eight years old. d) You are ten years old. 2) Where do you live? a) In Milano. b) In the supermarket. c) With my mum and dad. d) Yes, I live in Arcore. 3) Are you Italian? a) I Italian am. b) Yes, I am. c) I from Italian. d) You are Italian. 4) Have you got a pet? a) Yes, got a pet. b) No, you got a pet. c) Yes, you have got a pet. d) No, I haven't got a pet. 5) How many friends have you got? a) I have got many friends. b) I got 10 friends. c) You have got many friends. d) No, I haven't. 6) What time do you get up? a) I get up in 7 o'clock. b) I get up at 7 o'clock c) I do you get up at 7 o'clock. d) I do up at 7 o'clock. 7) Have you got long hair? a) No, long hair is not. b) Yes, got long hair. c) Yes, my hair is short. d) No, I've got short hair. 8) What's your best friend's name? a) It's name is Mattia. b) Her name is Mattia. c) His name is Mattia. d) It's Mattia name. 9) Is your English teacher Italian or American? a) She's got Italian. b) She's from Italian. c) She's American. d) She has got American. 10) What's your favourite colour? a) Is red. b) It's red. c) My favourite colour it is red. d) My favourite colour red is. 11) How are you today? a) I'm seven years old. b) I'm a fantastic! c) I'm wonderful, thank you. d) Yes, I feel good. 12) Do you like English? a) Yes, a lot. b) Yes, I do you like English. c) No, I do don't like English. d) No, do you like English. 13) Do you live in a house or in a flat? a) I do you live in a house. b) I do you live in a flat. c) I don't live in a flat. d) I live in a house. 14) Who is Shakespeare? a) Shakespeare was an English poet. b) Shakespeare was a poet English. c) He was a English poet. d) He is an English poet. 15) What's the capital city of Italy? a) It's Milano. b) The capital city are Rome. c) The capital city what is Rome. d) The capital city is Rome.




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