If it rains, - I will stay home and read., It he doesn't invite me, - I won't come to his party., If my parents go away for the weekend, - I will have a party., Jane will get some money - if she washes her dad's car., If shops give big discounts, - people will buy a lot of things., We will help a lot of hungry African people - if we don't waste food, If it doesn't rain, - we will go and play football, If you finish secondary school, - will you go to university?, If my class behaves well, - it will go on a school trip, If I get a bad mark, - my parents will get angry, If you earn some money, - where will you go on holiday?, If Mark keeps on rocking, - he will hurt , I'll be happy - if I meet him soon, I'll be able to help you - if I finish my homework soon, They'll call me - if they can come to the party,


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