1) If it rains, we __________ the football match. a) will play b) play c) won't play d) don't play 2) If she misses the bus, she _________ a taxi. a) will take b) takes c) don't take d) won't take 3) If I ______ home tonight, I will watch a horror movie. a) stays b) stay c) will stay d) don't stay 4) You'll feel better if you _____ a pill. a) don't take b) take c) will take d) takes 5) Mom ________ angry if she sees this mess. a) is b) won't be c) are d) will be 6) If you switch off the lights, you________ energy a) save b) don't save c) will save d) won't save 7) You will improve your English if you ______ more. a) study b) studies c) will study d) won't study 8) If you cook fry some eggs, I _________ some coffee. a) makes b) don't c) won't make d) will make




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