1) Look at the picture and chose the right genre a) Love story b) Musical c) Horror film d) Spy story e) Adventure film f) THriller 2) What type of film is this? a) Cartoon b) Costume drama c) Action film d) Musical e) Fantasy film f) Western 3) A love story is... a) a Romantic comedy b) a Horror film c) Thriller d) a War film e) a Western f) Comedy 4) People laught a lot watching this film a) War film b) Thriller c) Musical d) Science fiction film e) Comedy f) Cartoon 5) A film such as Dragon Ball a) Action film b) War film c) Romantic comedy d) Cartoon e) Thriller 6) What kind of film is “Annabelle”? a) Romantic comedy b) Action film c) Fantasy film d) Musical e) Horror film f) War film 7) Harry Potter is... a) Romantic film b) Horror film c) Western d) Scienze action film e) Cartoon f) Fantasy film 8) A film with people dancing and singing a) Thriller b) Musical c) Cartoon d) War film e) Fantasy film f) Horror film 9) Johnny Depp was the protagonist of... a) Quo vado b) Christmas dinner c) The lord of the rings d) Harry Potter e) Fast&fourious 7 f) Pirates of the caribbean 10) A fantasy film is.... a) Hilarious and brillant b) Amazing and mysterious c) Violent and dynamic d) Boring and sad e) Based on sicentic discoveries f) Historical and real 11) Film such as “E.T.” is a... a) War film b) Thriller c) Action film d) comedy e) Science fiction film f) Musical 12) Apocalypse now is a .... film a) Comedy b) Love story c) Science-fiction d) War e) Musical f) Cartoon




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