1) When is Christmas Day? a) on 25th December b) on 24th December c) on 26th December d) on 31st December 2) What colour is Santas's beard? a) brown b) white c) black d) green 3) How does Santa get into people's houses? a) usually through the door b) usually through the window c) usually through the tunnel d) usually through the chimney 4) What colour is holly? a) brown and purple b) white and yellow c) black and blue d) green and red 5) Which bird do people often eat at Christmas? a) duck b) turkey c) chicken d) parrot 6) When is Boxing Day? a) on 1st January b) on 24 December c) on 26th December d) on 31st December 7) Which reindeer has a red, shiny nose? a) Harry b) William c) Max d) Rudolph 8) Where does Santa live? a) at the South Pole b) at the North Pole c) in China d) in Africa 9) When is Christmas Eve? a) on 25th December b) on 26the December c) on 31st December d) on 24th December 10) What is a popular Christmas desert? a) Christmas pudding b) turkey c) fish and chips d) apple crumble 11) What do children hand near the fireplace for Santa to put presents in? a) holly b) bells c) stockings d) Christmas lights 12) Is Santa married? a) Yes b) No c) Maybe 13) How many reindeer does Santa have? a) eight b) nine c) ten d) twelve 14) Who makes the presents that Santa brings? a) angels b) his wife c) Rudolph d) elves


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