1) They ... tennis. a) play b) plays 2) The cat ... fast. a) run b) runs 3) I ... hot chocolate in winter. a) drink b) drinks 4) Jason... really well. a) swim b) swims 5) The baby....every morning. a) cry b) cries 6) Tim and Bob...English lessons every Monday and Wednesday. a) have b) has 7) She ... TV every afternoon. a) watch b) watches 8) She ... her room once a month. a) tidy b) tidies 9) We ... at the bank. a) work b) works 10) I ... ice cream. a) like b) likes 11) Jack.... video games every night. a) play b) plays 12) She ... at the disco on Friday nights. a) dance b) dances 13) We ... to a restaurant once a week. a) go b) goes




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