1) What sound does dog begin with? a) b b) p c) d 2) Cat begins with the letter? a) C b) K c) J 3) What letter makes the /j/ sound? a) m b) j c) l 4) Snake begins with what sound? a) /k/ b) /p/ c) /s/ 5) What letter makes the /g/ sound? a) t b) g c) j 6) The first letter of the alphabet is _____? a) a b) z c) k 7) The last letter of the alphabet is______? a) z b) x c) y 8) What letter does tank begin with? a) f b) q c) t 9) Barba begins with the letter____? a) b b) d c) p 10) Jump begins with the letter_____? a) i b) j c) v 11) What letter makes the /d/ sound? a) d b) b c) p 12) Which word rhymes with go? a) so b) hat c) tree 13) How many parts/syllables are in the word Howland? a) 1 b) 3 c) 2 14) Which letter is a vowel? a) b) c) 15) Santa ends with the letter? a) b) c) 16) What letter comes after O? a) b) c) 17) Which letter comes before B? a) b) c)

Initial Sounds/Letter Recognition




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