1) Which country of the British Isles is not part of the United Kingdom? a) Northern Ireland b) The Republic of Ireland 2) What’s the difference between the UK and Great Britain? a) They are the same. b) The UK is an abbreviation of ‘the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’. 3) From which group of people did England get its name? a) The Angles b) The Britons 4) Describe two of the three flags which make up the Union Jack. a) White diagonal cross and red upright cross. b) Red diagonal cross and blue upright cross. 5) What is the form of state of the UK? a) Absolute Monarchy. b) Constitutional Monarchy. 6) Which party can form the government? a) The Queen chooses it. b) The party which wins the majority of seats. 7) Which chambers does Parliament consist of? a) The House of Commons and the House of Lords b) The House of Representatives and the Senate 8) When does a bill become a law? a) When the King signs it. b) When the House of Commons accepts it. 9) How often are Parliamentary elections held in the UK? a) Every three years. b) Every five years at latest. 10) Who becomes the opposition? a) The party which does not like the Queen. b) The largest minority party. 11) Who chooses the Cabinet Ministers? a) The King b) The Prime Minister 12) When was the British Constitution written? a) The UK has no single constitutional document. b) In 1640. 13) In the centre of England is a range of hills called the… a) Pennines b) Apennines 14) The British democratic system depends on the… a) King b) political parties 15) Britain got its name from the ... a) Vikings b) Romans 16) The established church in England is the … a) Anglican Church b) Catholic Church 17) What is the name of the 'Shakespeare Theatre' in London? a) The Tube b) The Globe 18) When do British people have pancake races? a) On Shrove Tuesday b) On Good Friday 19) What's the name of this event? a) Egg Hunting b) Cheese Rolling 20) When is Remembrance Day / Poppy Day? a) 1st November b) 11th November 21) Who do British people remember on Remembrance Day / Poppy Day? a) their family members who died b) the people who died for their country 22) Who is the patron saint of Wales? a) St Andrew b) St David 23) Who is the patron saint of Ireland? a) St Patrick b) St George 24) When is St Patrick's Day? a) 17thMarch b) 23rd April 25) Who was the first woman Prime Minister of the UK? a) Theresa May b) Margaret Thatcher


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