In the UK families often ____ Christmas together. Most families have a ____ in their house. They decorate it with____, tinsel, or candies. They decorate their homes with holly and ____. It’s a tradition to kiss each other if two people are standing under it. On December the 24th people____ their Christmas tree. People can also go to ____ for a midnight mass. The evening of this day is called the Christmas Eve. Children ____ their stockings by the fireplace or by their beds. They believe that Father Christmas leaves presents in their ____. Children sometimes leave ____ and milk for Father Christmas to eat and drink when he visits them. Children believe that Father Christmas comes down the ____ and fills the stockings with presents. On December the 25th children wake up in the morning and find their stockings filled with ____. Families are together and they exchange gifts. They also ____ a special meal. They eat turkey, potatoes, vegetables and Christmas pudding. Boxing Day is December the 26th. In the ____ lords and rich people gave ____ with small presents to their servants to thank them for their work and service.


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