1) I really don't feel like ....... to the party. a) GOING b) TO GO 2) If you want ....... to play tennis, you have to practise. a) LEARNING  b) TO LEARN 3) I'm planning ...... a big party for my birthday. a) HAVING b) TO HAVE 4) Do you like ...... in summer? a) SUNBATHING b) TO SUNBATHE 5) Please, remember ......off the lights when you leave. a) TURNING b) TO TURN 6) He pretended .... the present although he hated it. a) LIKING b) TO LIKE 7) Have you finished .... dinner?  a) EATING b) TO EAT 8) My students don't mind ..... their homework. a) DOING b) TO DO 9) Would you like ... a coffee after work? a) HAVING b) TO HAVE 10) Don't forget ..... me tonight!! a) CALLING b) TO CALL 11) Have you decided where .... this summer? a) GOING b) TO GO 12) I started .... Chinese last year, but I found it very difficult.  a) LEARNING b) TO LEARN c) BOTH 13) Do you think you'll go on .... here or do you think you'll move? a) LIVING b) TO LIVE 14) He promised .... me when he gets there. a) CALLING b) TO CALL 15) At least you tried ... exercise. If you can't, I'll help you. a) DOING b) TO DO



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