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1) Definition of a stammer a) Speak with sudden involuntary pauses b) Unable to speak at all c) Unable to find the right vocabulary 2) Stuttering is linked to a) Anxiety b) Emotional trauma c) The frontal lobe of the brain having reduced blood flow. 3) The most common cause of Speech delay is due to a) Hearing loss b) A lack of books as a child c) Bilingualism 4) Speaking two languages will ...... a) Create strong ties with culture b) Confuse your child c) Make learning more difficult 5) The impact of poor speech language and communication affects a child's a) Ability to make friends b) Academic ability c) Ability to express how they feel 6) A health visitor can help Children and young people to support their speech by referring them to a  a) Podiatrist b) Doctor c) Speech therapist d) Teacher




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