1) Did you ____ your friend last week? a) visit b) visited c) visits d) visiting 2) John ____ his room on Saturday. a) painted b) paint c) paints 3) ____ this game last week? a) Do you play b) Did you play c) Did you played d) You play e) You played f) You did play 4) I ______ last winter. a) don't skate b) didn't skate c) didn't skated d) not skated 5) Monkeys ________ this tree yesterday. a) climbed b) did climb c) climbied 6) My mother _____ a cake on Sunday. a) cooked b) played c) passed d) baked e) walked f) listened 7) Did you watch a football game _______? a) at the moment b) last week c) usually d) always 8) ____ at school yesterday? a) Were you b) Was you c) Did you be d) Did you were e) You was f) Did you 9) They _____ a lot at the last lesson. a) did laugh b) are laughing c) laughed 10) He _____ walk his dog on Friday. a) not b) didn't c) doesn't d) weren't e) wasn't f) don't 11) My sister ____ the dishes yesterday. a) played b) climbed c) cooks d) washed 12) When I...at primary school I...a uniform a) was...didn't wore b) was...did't wear c) were...didn't wear 13) She...her leg two weeks ago. a) broke b) lost c) bought d) caught 14) ...she...a new dress yesterday afternoon a) Did - bought b) Did - buyed c) Did - buy 15) What time ......... the film.............? a) Did - begin b) Did - begun c) Did - began




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