1) They ... tennis every week. a) play b) plays 2) The jaguar ... fast. a) run b) runs 3) I ... every winter. a) skate b) skates 4) He ... well. a) swim b) swims 5) The boy ... when he sees a sad film. a) cry b) cries 6) They ... English. a) learn b) learns 7) She ... TV every evening. a) watch b) watchs c) watches 8) We ... at school. a) work b) works 9) I ... ice cream. a) like b) likes 10) She ... coke for lunch at the weekend. a) drink b) drinks 11) He ... three times a week. a) dance b) dances 12) We ... at restaurants. a) don't eat b) don't eats 13) It ... in autumn. a) rain b) rains 14) He .... up at 8 o'clock every morning. a) get b) gets 15) They .... to bed at 9 o'clock at night. a) go b) goes




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