1) Blue water means: a) evaporated water b) surface water c) polluted water 2) Water Footprint means: a) The water we drink every day b) The water we use for our plants c) The water we use to produce goods 3) 1 Hamburger needs: a) 2400 litres of water b) 240 litres of water c) 24 litres of water 4) 1 jeans needs: a) 1500 litres of water b) 11000 litres of water c) 500 litres of water 5) Earth's surface is about: a) 75% water b) 65% water c) 70% water 6) 70 litres of water are needed for: a) an apple b) a potato c) an orange d) a tomato 7) The largest use of domestic water is:  a) to take a shower b) to wash the dishes c) to flush the toilet 8) The highest water footprints per country: a) Malaysia - Italy - United States b) United Sates - Greece - Malaysia c) United States - Thailand - Greece

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