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Type 1: Low force of contraction, Low speed of contraction, Very high amounts of myoglobin, Very high amounts of O 2 needed– high aerobic capacity, Very high amounts of mitochondria, Very high ATP production, Very high resistance to fatigue, Muscle is red in colour , Very high capillary density, Type 2a: High force of contraction, High speed of contraction, High amounts of myoglobin, High amounts of O 2 needed– high aerobic capacity, High amounts of mitochondria, High ATP production, High resistance to fatigue, Red in colour, High capillary density, Type 2b: Very high force of contraction, Very high speed of contraction, Low amounts of myoglobin, Low amounts of O 2 needed– high anaerobic capacity, Low amounts of mitochondria, Low ATP production, Low resistance to fatigue, White in colour, Low capillary density,

Fibre types comparison


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