ancient (adj) - very old, middle-class (adj) - the social class that consists mostly of educated people who have professional jobs, spread (n) - to affect or cover a larger area, urban sprawl (n) - when the population of a city spreads to surrounding areas, surrounding (adj) - near or all around a place, recent (adj) - happening a short time ago, affordable (adj) - cheap enough for ordinary people to buy, a loan (n) - money borrowed for a specific reason, a phenomenon (n) - an event or situation that happens or exists, particular (adj) - relating to one specific person or thing, forward (adv) - in the direction in front of a person, population (n) - all the people who live in an area, within (prep) - inside a period of time), a trend (n) - a general direction in which something is developing or changing., a citizen - an inhabitant of a particular town or city.,

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