1) There is no ____ like home. a) house b) place c) space 2) East or ___ - home is ____! a) North, worst b) South, better c) West, best 3) The Englishman's ____ is his ____. a) house, home b) home, castle c) home, bridge 4) A friend in ____ is a friend _____. a) West, best b) shoes, forever c) need, indeed 5) An____ a day keeps ____ away. a) bananna, a teacher b) apple, a doctor c) orange, a reporter 6) Keep the ____ thing in the ___ place. a) right, right b) wrong, wrong, c) big, big 7) That's another pair of ____. a) boots b) shoes c) trainers 8) Never put off till __ what you can do ___. a) today, yesterday b) tomorrow, next week c) tomorrow, today




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