What would you say was the most challenging part of the test for you?, What part of the test did you feel most confident about?, What have you been doing outside of class to increase your success for this test?, What area do you feel you need to practice more?, If you were to take the test again, how would you change the way you did the test?, How have you been practicing new vocabulary outside of class time?, What skill area will you need to work on in the future?, In order to increase your learning ability, do you have a plan for doing something different next session?, Have you been reading anything outside of class in English to increase your fluency? What?, Have you been listening to Ted Talks or other more academic talks at home? What?, What was your greatest achievement from this session so far?, If you were to redo the session again, what would you do differently?, Which study activities/strategies were the most helpful? Which were least helpful?, How realistic was your study schedule compared to what is required for an EAP course?, How well did you understand and follow the instructions given for the exam?, Did you have enough time to answer all the questions? , Which concepts and topics were you the most/least confident answering? , What kinds of questions did you find easier to answer? Which did you find more difficult?, What kinds of emotions did you feel during the exam? Did you have any stress management techniques?, Which study activities and habits will you continue to use in future?, Which study activities and habits will you need to change? Why?, Can you predict which concepts and topics you were tested on this session may be important in future sessions?, What have you learned about yourself as a student from this experience?, What support from friends, teachers and classmates would you like in future sessions?, Think of four strategies you can use to enhance your preparation and performance your next exam..


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