The wind was blowing - Sam looked out the window. The branches were swaying in the trees., He liked his gift. - After opening his gift, Bill had a big smile on his face., She was hungry. - Jane's stomach growled. She had not eaten since this morning. She hoped it was almost lunchtime., No one was home. - Pam walked up to her friend's house. It was dark and there was no car in the driveway., She was sick - Lisa sneezed and coughed. She was staying home from school and was resting in bed., He was going swimming. - John woke up early on a hot, sunny day. He grabbed his towel and sunscreen and left the house., He ate it. - The fox opened his mouth wide. Snap! The little gingerbread man was never seen again., He was playing basketball. - Shawn bounced the ball as he raced down the court past the players on the other team., It was New Year's Eve. - Annie stayed up late on the last day of December. She watched a big party on T.V. At midnight everyone was cheering., He was nervous. - Owen straightened his skis at the top of the huge hill. He took a deep breath as he looked down., It was snowing. - Emma woke up and looked out the window. She smiled, put on her hat and gloves, and ran out the door., She didn't study. - Melissa nervously looked at the test on her desk. She didn't know how to answer the questions.,


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