1) What is 44 + 11 a) 55 b) 29 c) 81 d) I don't know e) 4 f) 88 2) What is 27 + 39 a) 82 b) 13 c) 91 d) I don't know e) 102 f) 66 3) Do You Like Spelling? a) Yes b) No c) Kinda d) Sometimes e) I don't care f) I don't know 4) Is this fun? a) Yes b) no c) so so d) not at all! e) Meh. 5) Bye! (choose your answer to say don't be rude!) a) Bye! this was fun! b) Ugh Bye. c) See ya later! d) (ignore) e) Wait! No! I don't want you to leave!




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