1) You see kids playing on swings. You want to swing too, but the swings are all taken. a) Ignore b) Apologize c) Wait or take turns d) Trade 2) Your sister/brother finds you snooping in their room. a) Apologize b) Ignore c) Compromise/negotiate d) Use Manners 3) You get lost in a store and cannot find your mom or dad. a) Share b) Wait & Take Turns c) Play Alone/Do something else d) Ask for Help 4) Your brother is singing loudly while you are working on your school work.  a) Wait & Take Turns b) Ask them to stop/communicate c) Ignore d) Do something else/play alone 5) Your mom bought you some new crayons and stickers.  a) Share with your brother/sister/cousin. b) Ignore c) Play it alone d) Negotiate 6) Your friend got a new toy you have been wanting. You ask to borrow it and they say no. a) Compromise or negotiate. b) Do something else c) Ignore d) Trade 7) Your brother/sister is listening to a song you don't like. a) Share b) Do something else c) Ask for help d) Use manners 8) Your parents are busy and you need help with your school work. a) Do something else b) Use your manners c) Trade d) Ignore 9) You're watching TV, your sister comes in and asks to watch a different show. a) Communicate or negotiate b) Trade c) Ignore d) Ask for help 10) Your parent is serving dinner, you try it and it is too spicy. a) Use manners b) Ignore c) Communicate d) Ask to stop

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