1) to manage; handle a) cope b) borrow c) pain d) extended period 2) be in an improved condition/ position than previously a) swelling b) confined space c) extended period d) be better off (phr) 3) movement a) volume b) restriction c) cope d) motion 4) a very small area that restricts movement a) confined space b) ear canal c) lead to d) cope 5) pain from overuse in a muscle or joint a) strain b) confined space c) borrow d) hearing loss 6) the part of the ear that goes from the outside to the ear drum a) optician b) ear canal c) restriction d) lead to 7) the level of noise a) volume b) be better off (phr c) swelling d) hearing loss 8) the situation when you can no longer hear properly a) motion b) hearing loss c) confined space d) prevent 9) result in a) blurred vision b) strain c) swelling d) lead to 10) limitation of the use of sth a) volume b) borrow c) distinguish d) restriction 11) when sth becomes bigger in size because of excess liquid caused by infection or injury a) swelling b) volume c) motion d) dermatologist 12) physical discomfort or suffering a) pain b) blurred vision c) confined space d) bacteria 13) to stop sth from happening a) prevent b) volume c) lead to d) be better off (phr 14) germs a) bacteria b) optician c) pain d) extended period 15) a doctor that specialises in the skin a) prevent b) motion c) dermatologist d) pain 16) to have sth of sb else’s for a short time and then return it a) swelling b) prevent c) motion d) borrow 17) long time a) extended period b) confined space c) bacteria d) borrow 18) unclear sight a) swelling b) borrow c) lead to d) blurred vision 19) to tell the difference between two or more things a) blurred vision b) optician c) swelling d) distinguish 20) sb whose job is to test people’s sight and sell glasses and/or contact lenses a) restriction b) optician c) hearing loss d) distinguish

City Stars-7 4a Technology and health.




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