1. Do you usually ____pare your lunch/dinner ahead of time? 2. What’s something that’s ____common in your country but common in Australia? 3. Tell your group about something that is ____polite to do in your country. 4. What do you do for entertain____ when it's raining outside? 5. Are you sometimes ____social? How come? 6. Have you ever forgotten to ____pay someone after borrowing their money? 7. In what jobs are people ____paid? 8. What's something that should be ____legal but is totally legal? 9. Have you ever misunderstood or ____interpreted someone? What happened? 10. Have you ever ____slept? When? What happened? 11. Talk about a situation when you felt help____. 12. Do you think more people are ____lingual now than before? Do you think this is a good thing? Why/Why not? 13. Is rac____ a problem in your country? Explain. 14. Is pollu____ a problem in your country? Does the gover____ do enough to fix it? 15. Are you a forget____ person? How often do you forget something?

EC I4 M2 9B Suffixes and Prefixes conversation


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